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Bristol blogosphere united by the meme that cannot die… All hail CARBOOT CIRCUS!

Birth of a meme..?

Picking up the meme and running with it:

Eyeing the meme covetously, but restraining themselves:

Other contenders:

  • Bread and Cabot Circus
  • Cahoot Circus
  • Carbon Circus
  • Carrot Circus
  • Circusmead
  • Cornucopia Circus
  • Jesus Building
  • New Broadmead
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Bristol blog trotting

Bristle\'s Blog plugged in Venue

From p24 of the latest copy of Bristol/Bath what’s-on mag Venue.

Crikey, now that was unexpected. Slightly peculiar description, though. I mean, “old 1980s TV dramas”? What, as opposed to new 1980s TV dramas? And what’s with the Northern Ireland thing? I’ve mentioned old Slab a couple of times, and am interested in Paul Quinn’s murder, but that’s pretty much the size of it, and besides, both of those topics are more related to 26 than 6.

As for the “fixation with people vomiting in the movies”, I’d just like to clarify that it’s less a fixation, more a passing interest, and one which is not confined to puke; it’s simply that I’ve observed an approximate 8:2:1 ratio in favour of sick over piss and shit in terms of screentime. Maybe I’m just not watching the right flicks. More Fassbinder beckons?

Still, a plug’s a plug. Totally.

Tip o’ the titfer: The Bristol Blogger, who himself gets a write-up too, though one which veers into the territory of backhanded compliments – “he’s anonymous and therefore unaccountable…”; “isn’t above editing entries to stop himself looking foolish…”; “leching over French actresses”.

Since I’ve got time on my hands, I’d point out that in the first instance not posting up your full name, passport photo, bank details, phone number and map reference of your home isn’t really anonymity, it’s simply common sense (and besides, the identity of TBB is really not that much of a mystery). Furthermore, anonymity and accountability are not mutually exclusive, just as not being anonymous does not automatically make one accountable.

In the second instance, since when was editing a crime? Now that Venue is locked down in the Grey Lubyanka, presumably its hacks have access to the DM&GT/NN databases with its myriad libel lawyer annotations, so I’m sure the value of discreet rewording is most apparent 😉

And in the third instance, I can only recall a single French actress being mentioned, and besides, according to the nearest dictionary to hand, lechery is the “unrestrained indulgence of lust”. If you really think TBB is by that definition a lechy blog, then I think we may have to revoke your interweb pass for your own safety.

Blogs mentioned in the article:

PS One of the authors of the article, Eugene Byrne, has his own blog also.