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WHO MURDERED DANIEL MORGAN? 25 years on and killers yet to face justice

On 10 March 1987 after having a drink with Jonathan Rees, his partner in Southern Investigations, at the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, Morgan was found dead in the pub car park[3] next to his car, with an axe wound to the back of his head.[4] Although a watch had been stolen his wallet had been left and a large sum of money was still in his jacket pocket. The pocket of his trousers had been torn open and notes he had earlier been seen writing were missing. Subsequently a match to the DNA sample found on Morgan’s trouser pocket was allegedly made.[5] Morgan was alleged to have been investigating drug-related police corruption in south London before his death.[5]

Detective Sergeant Sid Fillery, stationed at Catford police station, was assigned to the case but did not reveal to superiors that he had been working unofficially for Southern Investigations.[4] In April 1987 six individuals including Sid Fillery and Jonathan Rees, the brothers Glenn and Garry Vian and two Metropolitan police officers were arrested on suspicion of murder but all were eventually released without charge.[4]

At the inquest into Morgan’s death in April 1988 it was alleged that Jonathan Rees, who had had disagreements with Morgan, told Kevin Lennon, an accountant at Southern Investigations, that police officers at Catford police station who were friends of his were either going to murder Danny Morgan or would arrange it, and Sid Fillery would replace Morgan as Rees’s partner. When asked, Rees denied murdering Daniel Morgan.[6] Sid Fillery, who had retired from the Metropolitan Police on medical grounds and joined Southern Investigations as Rees’s business partner, was alleged by witnesses to have tampered with evidence and attempted to interfere with witnesses during the inquiry.[7]

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G20 Police Witnesses IDed: ‘D5’ – City of London Police dog handler A712

G20 Police Witnesses IDed: City of London Police dog handler A712 aka 'D5'

G20 Police Witnesses IDed: City of London Police dog handler A712 aka 'D5'

G20 Police Witnesses IDed - A712 aka 'D5'

Officer D5 (now identified as officer A712) is a dog handler whom we only really see in the picture of Ian Tomlinson staggering off. D5 is just to the right of the fountain, in front of the motorbike parked between it and the building to the right.

D5 also appeared to be involved in the ‘dog attack’ incident on Threadneedle Street shortly before the Ian Tomlinson assault. The pictures taken by Colin McQuillen (which are clear enough to show his shoulder numbers) show him outside the RBS at 62 Threadneedle Street.

Thanks again to Colin McQuillen/TwoThumbsFresh.

Watching the police: Attack on the G20 Climate Camp (part 1)

I’m sure we all know to take YouTube comments with as big a pinch of salt as we would IMDb discussion board posts, but this is quite interesting. It was posted to the video on YouTube of the brutal clearing by police of the peaceful G20 Climate Camp on Bishopsgate (11,846 122,495 views and counting – and that’s just this copy), by oimelnikov:

Most of the attackers are from 5TSG and 4TSG (the call signs on their helmets are U5 and U4), based in Clapham (Larkhall Road) and Catford (Aitken Road) respectively.

Well, this intrigued me. To start with, I had a look to see if I could find possible sites for Territorial Support Group (TSG) bases at the locations mentioned. Each TSG (there are five in total) comprises five operational serials, plus support staff. Each serial splits across three vans, with nine per van. That means we’re looking for locations for TSG 4 and TSG 5 that each can garage at least 15 vans and more than a hundred coppers.

Now, there doesn’t appear to be a Larkhall Road in Clapham, though there is a Larkhall Lane and a Larkhall Rise. However, Clapham police station is on the corner of Union Grove and Smedley Street – which then leads on to Larkhall Lane and is also close to Larkhall park:

Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8
Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8
Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8
Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8

Judging by the pictures, the police station compound does seem to occupy a large footprint, with the building at the back looking like it could be vehicle workshops or some such similar.

[ETA: Please disregard the above – TSG 5 is in fact based just down the road at 157 Larkhall Lane SW4 6RE, in a large compound bounded by Smedley Road and Union Road, where the main entrance is. Please see the later post on the ‘G20 death cop’ going on the sick for details.]

Down in Catford, at the end of Aitken Road, is a large gated compound which operates as the SE garage of the Traffic Operational Command Unit, though other Metropolitan Police units also seem to be based there, in the main building and in adjacent offices:

SE Garage, Catford
SE Garage, Catford

So, looking at all this, oimelnikov’s comment seems to have some merit.

» Watching the police: Attack on the G2 Climate Camp (part 2)


Channel 4 News is now claiming that Officer ‘A’ – the one who assaulted Ian Tomlinson shortly before he died – was wearing a helmet marked ‘U41’, indicating a TSG officer from serial 1 (commanded by Inspector Dyer) of TSG4, based at Aitken Road, Catford.

[Edited to add update, Thursday 23/4/9]

Police brutality at peaceful Climate Camp In The City on G20 Day 1

Reuploaded from the original on IndyMedia.


I originally posted up the following as a comment accompanying a link to the video on Ian Bone’s blog, but seeing as someone else has cross-posted the text elsewhere, I might as well add it here too:

There is a very clear video of the police violently wading into the hippies at the climate camp on Bishopsgate up on IndyMedia.

Whatever you or I might think of the politics of the climate camp, or indeed of fundamentalist non-violence, the video lays bare the function of the police force in all its naked, violent, powermonger-protecting glory.

And the individuals who choose to join the police, who then – day by day, situation by situation – choose to carry out orders which include, as here, acting as an anonymous, homogenous bloc of brute force, beating, bloodying, slavering over peaceniks who don’t even defend themselves despite the shields and the batons, well… I think we all know what sort of people they are. I think we all know how big and brave they are when they face anything resembling a fair fight.


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