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Desperately seeking…

Well, as well as the obviously disappointed seekers after MILF porn and ‘sex bangla‘, I have been getting the usual wide array of search engine-led visitors to the BunKRS. Here’s a brief selection of what’s been bringing them here in recent weeks:

american werewolf in london
Got (and got again)

bristol alliance

escape to victory hungarian version

in her line of fire lesbian film festiva [sic]
Sort of got

independence high school/ provo utah
Not got (and no idea WTF)

jack black musical

jim cartwright road

kate ashfield naked

make your own cd wallet

mexican standing on top toilet seat
Not got (but wish I did)

“neddy smith” drinking
Got (well, post-drinking, at least)

rimjob blog
Not got

slab murphy
Got (and got and got)

zombie snails

Escape To Victory – The Original: ‘Here’s Magyar Eye’

Két Félido A Pobolban

‘Két Félidő A Pokolban’, a.k.a. ‘The Last Goal’, a.k.a. ‘Two Half Times In Hell’, is a 1961 (or 1962, if you trust the running dog Western websites) Hungarian film said to be the inspiration for that masterful cinematic realisation of the Boy’s Own nexus of sport & war that is Escape To Victory:

Director and co-scripter Zoltan Fabri, an important figure in Hungarian cinema, offers a new twist on an old story in this effective tale of a POW camp run by Germans and a game of soccer. Rather than soldiers, this camp which is located in Hungary has political prisoners and Jews. One day the Germans are looking for entertainment and after discovering that a soccer ace is among their POWs, they decide to challenge the prisoners to a match. As the star player gets together a team and preparations begin for the game, the team also attempts an aborted escape. They are caught, but in spite of everything the game will go on — to unexpected and tragic results.

(Synopsis by Eleanor Mannikka on the All Movie Guide)

You can view a brief snippet (about 5 minutes) of the film on the Hungarian site FilmTörtenét.

Két Félidő A Pokolban on IMDb
Két Félidő A Pokolban on FilmTörtenét Online (in Hungarian)