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In-depth report from the September 2000 IMF/World Bank anti-capitalist protests in Praha

Saw this today for the first time (h/t Mark Malone), and it is very interesting indeed – an in-depth report from the frontline of the ‘Blue March’ at the S26 mobilisation against the World Bank and IMF meeting in Praha in Česká Republika back in September 2000.

I haven’t managed to find time to read all the way through yet, but I surely will. Brings back some interesting memories.

Obviously not the sort of folk history we will be permitted to discuss in schools in the near future, but definitely an inspiring episode (caveats pertain, etc).


Unredacted version of Ali Soufan’s ‘war on terror’ memoir released

‘Black Banner’ comparison (excerpt)

Spotted in the New York Times that former FBI counter-terrorism agent Ali Soufan’s book about his involvement in interrogating al-Qaida suspects has been re-published minus the many redactions insisted upon by the CIA.

The original version of The Black Banners (Declassified): How Torture Derailed The War On Terror After 9/11 (previously released as The Black Banners: The Inside Story Of 9/11 And The War Against Al-Qaeda) was struck through with thick black lines covering up much of the text at the insistence of US government lawyers keen to cover up details of the Central Intelligence Agency’s torture programme.

Nearly two decades’ of whistle-blowing, leaking, investigative reporting, committees and inquiries has somewhat coloured that particular obfuscation effort several shades of pointless, so here we are.

I mean, Soufan’s perspective of the Bureau-Agency turf war even got integrated into a big budget Amazon Prime series complete with romantic sub-plots and stuff (The Looming Tower, based on the book of the same name by Lawrence Wright), so this isn’t exactly a big reveal.

But it is rather interesting to see the two versions side-by-side, and instructive in a reverse-mosaic effect kind of way to see what kind of information, and particularly what kind of aggregated information, these types of state actors prefer to keep hidden in the shadows.

» ‘The Black Banners’ excerpt (side-by-side comparison) (PDF)

‘Incident At Oglala’ – documentary about the shoot-out between the FBI and the American Indian Movement at Pine Ridge

Incident At Oglala DVD cover

Still folder digging, and came across a stash of stuff I did when I tarted up an avi of Michael Apted’s excellent documentary about the Pine Ridge shoot-out, Incident At Oglala, into a proper DVD with chapters, music, on-screen menus and a cover. I’m still moderately happy with the cover.

It is a well-crafted documentary, and gives a good overview of the context, events and aftermath of the Pine Ridge shootout, from a director who also approached the same material from a different perspective with the fictionalised version Thunderheart.

If you are not familiar with AIM, its struggle against the europeanised colonial state – and  in turn the FBI’s campaign against it, twentieth century indigenous resistance, the shootout, and prominent figures involved such as Leonard Peltier (still in prison), then this is an accessible place to start.

“I’ve been to a few protests back in my day!” – shit the FBI says…

Courtesy of Will Potter at the anti-greenscare blog Green Is The New Red

Never forget our dead: Fred Hampton, RIP

Fred Hampton

Born, 30th August 1948

Murdered, 4th December 1969

Assassinated by the State.

Secret agents get A-Space for social networking

The War Agin Terror meets surplus value-reclaiming desk jockey timewasting…

…[US intelligence chiefs] are encouraging their staff members to use a new social-networking site designed for the super-secret world of spying.

“It’s every bit Facebook and YouTube for spies, but it’s much, much more,” said Michael Wertheimer, assistant deputy director of national intelligence for analysis.

The program is called A-Space, and it’s a social-networking site for analysts within the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies.

Instead of posting thoughts about the new Avenged Sevenfold album or Jessica Alba movie, CIA analysts could use A-Space to share information and opinion about al Qaeda movements in the Middle East or Russian naval maneuvers in the Black Sea.

The new A-Space site has been undergoing testing for months and launches officially for the nation’s entire intelligence community September 22.

CNN and Heise Online (Tip o’ the titfer: Euro-Police)