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Today is polling day. Whoever wins the vote, we the people will lose.

Subvertised Cameron poster, Dalston

A détourned Tory election poster in Dalston.

There are rising 50 million adults in the UK. The Prime Minister – whichever party is declared the victor – will be backed by the votes of barely one-quarter of them, if that.

No matter who gets in, there will be budget cuts, new laws, harder times.

(Pic via @Jake_Kanter)

Some notes on David Cameron’s Bristol rally

I saw about two hundred people – ticket-holding, card-carrying Tories from what I could gather – queuing up to get in to the Old Passenger Shed at Temple Meads this afternoon.

I observed an ethnicity breakdown of approximately:

186 White (93%) : 12 (South) Asian (6%) : 1 Chinese (Asian) (0.5%) : 1 Black (0.5%)

Of course, this is completely subjective, and I was hardly sat down with a phrenological chart or anything. But I was startled by just how pale Cameron’s audience was. Aren’t these things scrupulously stage-managed? (Admittedly the apparatchiks running the door looked like they were auditioning for an undergraduate am-dram version of Brideshead Revisited, so perhaps the calibre of party machine hacks running the Dave Show really is that low.)

I was also somewhat shocked by just how close to the stereotype of the sloaney Conservative student the vast majority of the younger people there were: braying, badly (but expensively) dressed, with peculiarly proportioned faces. Seriously, I am not making this up. I grew up in the countryside, and I never saw anything this bad there. And the accents! Oh, my, the accents…

Plenty of the people arriving for the event were perfectly personable, courteous, polite; but I did encounter a sizeable minority of unpleasant dicks brimming over with a sense of entitlement and superiority. I guess they’re just readying themselves for a bit of gloves-off class war.

Oh, and I spotted local candidates Adeela Shafi (Bristol East) (I think) and Charlotte Leslie (Bristol North West). Somewhat surprisingly Adeela ignored the Big Issue seller outside* – no sense of cameraderie. In contrast Charlotte (whom I may have mentioned once or twice before) looked rather relaxed – certainly relaxed enough not to have bothered changing out of her gardening clothes for a hometown visit by her Duce. No fruit & flowers in evidence either!

* The Big Issue seller told me that he’d only managed to sell a single copy to any of the two hundred Tories queuing up.


The Evening Post says there were “more than 200 people” there.

There’s something about Kate Ashfield

I have once mentioned actor Kate Ashfield on this blog. Once. And yet for the past few months I’ve been receiving ever increasing numbers of visitors looking for her, directed here by search engines. Yesterday it seemed to have peaked, with more than 160 hits seeking her out.

It’s Sex Bangla all over again…

Perhaps it’s to shame me into doing some proper blogging again? Ech, well by Friday morning we’ll be in a brave new world of egalitarian promise (of whatever flavour), with poverty, injustice and hunger all abolished, in which case you’re going to be stuck with screengrabs of puke. FOREVER. Think about that as you enter your polling booths. (Or not, as the case may be.)