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Hart broken: Dodgy right-winger David Hart dies on Twelfth Night

You know, that sometime-advisor to Thatcher, freelance strike-breaker, self-appointed guardian of the citadel, playwright, he who bankrolled failed drug dealer Paul Staines, etc, etc, etc…

Anyway, he popped his clogs yesterday. No mention from Guido yet.

In search of a Hart

I’ve finally been getting round to putting together a proper triptych picture of Ken Tappenden, David Hart and Paul Staines for my blog entry about them.

However, I’ve had great difficulty finding (okay, I *couldn’t* find) a picture of scab miner-bankrolling, Thatcher-advising, coup-backing property developer and playwright David Hart.

I’ve trawled the interweb, all the usual places; couldn’t find a chipolata. I waded through all my miners’ strike and spook books; nothing. But I know I’ve seen at least one published picture of the dude…

So if any of you out there can point me in the right direction, I’d be most grateful.

In the meantime the Richard John Bingham snap shall act as a placeholder…