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Some film blogs and podcasts you may like

I thought I’d plug some film websites that I rather rate, in case the title didn’t give that away…

Bloody Italiana

Bloody Italiana

This is Herman’s and James’ blog devoted to all things bloody and – wait for it – Italian. Herman was a great help in pointing me in the right direction when I was after finding out more about mondo and cannibal films, but it’s not just gross-out stuff like that on BI – there’s zombies, giallo, detective stories, all sorts of stuff… And most of it I’ve never heard of, which is why it’s good to have a blog like this, one which gets down to the nitty gritty. [ Atom ]

Cinema de Merde pic

Cinema de Merde

CdM is a site I came across when looking for material on Starcrash, an Italian Star Wars rip-off I wanted to watch with my movie buddy Vinny. I liked the way the author, Scott, came across as a shameless lover of tat, but also someone who had a brain in his noggin. His insightful reviews have even made me reappraise Brian de Palma (Scott is something of a BdP fan), a director I’d never really got on with bar Phantom Of The Paradise. Whilst I don’t always agree with Scott’s assessments, I certainly trust his integrity and his judgement, and he often gets me thinking about a film in ways I’d never previously considered – which is the mark of a good critic, I guess. Definitely a good place to browse through for ideas of films to watch (plus his essays are very interesting). [ RSS ]
‘Guide For The Film Fanatic’ by Danny Peary


FilmFanatic is a cineaste who is methodically working his way through the 1,650 ‘must-see’ movies recommended by Danny Peary in his book, Guide For The Film Fanatic. He shows an exceptional sense of commitment to the project, and provides some thought-provoking reviews in the process, balancing visceral appreciation with a scholarly analysis, but always in an accessible, minimally pretentious way. Definite props for not sticking to English language Hollywood fare, too. [ RSS ]

I’m Ready For My Close Up

Alex FitchIRFMCU is one of my favourite Resonance FM podcasts, and is definitely at the more highbrow end of the scale, but even then Alex Fitch and his co-presenters manage to draw the listener in with the genuine interest they show in the films they’re covering, rather than scaring you off with high-falutin’ mumbo jumbo. A lot of it relates to London film festivals and the like, but it’s all interesting. [ Atom ]

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