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It’s not just bears that shit in the woods: Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals

Just seen the video of Kid Carpet‘s song ‘Poo In The Forest’, animated by Will Bishop Stephens, which is rather spiffing. It’s from the album Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals, which is based on the children’s theatre piece of the same name, and which I can personally attest (and attest on the Wee Man’s behalf) is utterly brilliant.

And I see that you can buy the album for a mere ten of your sterling pounds via the medium of BandCamp!

Kid Carpet Facebook page :: Kid Carpet Last.fm :: Kid Carpet YouTube channel


Kid Carpet’s Olympic meddle

My only concession to the Olympics – ‘Failed World Record Attempt’ by Kid Carpet:

Carpet’s wickedness – to be revealed SOON

Take a look at this sequential photoset, created out of screengrabs from Kid Carpet‘s ‘Make It Look Good‘ video…

Ask yourself – what witchcraft is he using? How can it be?

To be continued…

Carpet’s Nemesis (Flickr TRUTH album)

Evil Kid Carpet: laughs at the laws of physics

Seen Bristol’s finest secret rockstar (well, since Madnomad at least) Kid Carpet‘s latest video, ‘Make It Look Good’?

Well, not only is it a tip-top tune plus very enjoyable visuals, it also demonstrates the devilish powers of time/space bending which were bestowed upon Der WünderKid when he sold his soul at the crossroads in exchange for a Fisher Price guitar/drum combo, and a half-eaten packet of Peek Freans…

Don’t know what I mean?

Screenshots & commentary to follow…