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Police amiability outreach programme spreads across the nation?

Anyone idly perusing IndyMedia of late cannot fail to have noticed the spate of friendly police officers offering all manner of friendly things, from lifts to lunch dates, to political activists.

Here’s one from today, posted by an anti-fascist:

They could pick us up early on Saturday morning, what was our home address…? My brother kindly said we wouldn’t be picked up from our address and he would get me to ring the guy back. So he left his number… 0151 709 6010 to which a kind voice replied Merseyside police how can I help you…

Just thought I would let everyone know in case of lift offers. Watch out because the fash might be offering lifts also…

And here is another heart warming story, as related by an animal rights campaigner:

The First Call [19/6/08]

During the Kent gathering police from at least 11 forces across the country where present, the furthest anyone had travelled was a female police officer from central Scotland, see pic above.

A few days after the gathering on the 19th of June 2008, I received a call (on my personal mobile phone) at approx midday, The call was from a Scottish lady, yes that’s right, the one that was present at the gathering. She asked me if I was alone and was okay to chat, I said yes and I signalled to the few other people in the room to come closer. She then told me she wanted to travel down from Scotland to talk to me about the animal rights movement in the UK. I asked her what she wanted to know and she avoided the question saying how it was best to meet up in person. All she seemed willing to say was she was prepared to travel from Scotland to meet up, she would be bringing another officer with her and that she thought we could ‘help each other’ I cut the call short asking her to ring me back tomorrow as I was a little busy at the time but would consider her offer. As soon as I was off the phone I rang a few key activists to let them know she had rang and to ask them to pass the message on to other activists so everyone knew about the call.

The Second Call [20/6/08]

Around midday Tracey, the Scottish police officer rang me again, she asked if I had thought about what she had said during our previous phone call, I told her I had but still had some reserves, every time I asked she seemed to reply with, how it would be best to answer that in person, things like what’s in it for me and what did she want to ask me were answered with “if we meet up I can discuss these things with you properly” the most she said was that if we met up it would not be local and they would arrange everything. She told me another officer, I had never met before, would be coming with her from London. I told her it sounded okay and that I would need to have a bit more of a think before confirming for certain and she told me she will ring back next Thursday to arrange a meeting. The only thing I am thinking now is how to fuck her over.

The Third Call [30/6/08]

Tracey rang me off her mobile (07508810540) to arrange a meeting, I have told her I am busy and that I will ring her next week to confirm a date.

After this phone call I decided I had had enough of talking to the filth and have not been in touch since. They seemed desperate to talk I think they are getting very desperate.

So remember to always be aware of who is around you in your group and if anyone may of been asked and is keeping quiet. It’s time to let the cops know if they want to insult our loyalties by asking us to be informants, they must be prepared to be humiliated like our good mate Tracey.

So are these random acts of kindness by individual officers, offered on their own initiative, or are they participating in some sort of Rotarian-style police philanthropy programme, designed to reach out to protesters in order to share a common humanity, despite pesky things like beatings, fit-ups and harassment?