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Magic Eye Pics #002: David Wooding (ex-NOTW)

Magic Eye Pics #002: David Wooding (ex-NOTW)

Okay, so the New Of The Screws was wound up two Summers ago. That doesn’t lessen how irritating the then-NOTW Political Editor David Wooding was during the whole Milly Dowler phonehacking shitstorm, popping up on our TV screens outside Fortress Wapping to explain that basically News International single-handedly keep Britain Great, etc.

His whining increased inexorably after the paper’s closure, especially after the backtrack on the ‘false hope’ allegations (because apparently hacking into the voicemail of missing/dead teenagers is fine in and of itself), and like his estimable sticky-fisted colleague Norbert Spermmousse Neville Thurlbeck seemed to revel in this brief moment in the spotlight, building himself up as some kind of classical music-loving Renaissance Man/saviour of the free press.

Landed on his feet as a Tory flag-waver and Associate Political Editor at The Sun. Who’da thunk it?


The Leveson Inquiry – sketched

You have to check these out – Isabeau Doucet (“freelance journalist, storyteller, visual artist, TV producer, anthropology grad, and hack-of-all trades”) has been attending the Leveson Inquiry, and whilst drinking in the evidence, she has also been sketching portraits of some of the witnesses and other players in the drama.

There is some great work there: I particularly like Onan the Barbarian himself, Neville Thurlbeck (looking magnificently not-of-this-age). I urge you to check the whole lot out yourself.

And there could be more – Isabeau has mentioned on Twitter that she might turn it all into a comic strip…