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G20 Police Witnesses IDed: ‘D3’ – City of London dog handler CP788

City of London dog handler CP788 - aka 'D3'

Meet City of London police dog handler CP788, out giving his pooch a nice urban runaround in the Square Mile during the anti-G20 protests on 1st April.

Let’s have a closer look:

City of London Police dog handler CP788 aka 'D3'

Of course, he may seem rather familiar. Perhaps that’s because you remember him lurking in the background of the Ian Tomlinson assault?

Montage of 'D3' at Tomlinson assault

Or perhaps you’ve seen the footage of him setting his hound on protesters:

[Pics and video to be added]

Many thanks to Colin McQuillen/TwoThumbsFresh for wading through the pics, digging out the hi-res images and identifying ‘D3’ as CP788.