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Shirley not!

This past weekend saw the Jamaica Street Studios open up their doors for an open day, celebrating the living art and culture of Stokes Croft and its people. Chris Chalkley of PRSC very kindly has sent round a round robin email complete with pictures from the weekend, and lumme if in one of them it looks like not just one but both Ashley ward councillors! See what you think…

Can it be true? Has the wanderer not only returned, but actually spent time in sunny Saint Paul’s? Or are these actually agency doppelgangers, hired in for the day? Answers on the back of a council expenses claim as soon as possible, please…

(Picture courtesy of People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, which is in no way responsible for this blog!)


Desperately seeking Shirley

The ongoing saga down here in St.Paul’s of our absentee councillor, Shirley Marshall, continues:

Shirley Marshall. Check. Huge suitcase. Check.

Cllr Shirley Marshall attended full council last night. Full marks to her. Unfortunately, her card was spoiled when she was seen leaving the council house with a very large suitcase. Perhaps the suitcase contained a bumper crop of council papers – perhaps she’s off on another ‘holiday.’ We don’t know, but perhaps Jon Rogers, Gary Hopkins or – heaven forfend – Cllr Marshall herself would care to enlighten the residents of Bristol who are giving her £11,000 a year to represent them.

Tip o’ the titfer: Bristol IndyMedia

Never fear! Batmarsh & Rogering are here!

Batmarsh & Rogerin

Reassuring news for those of us concerned about the recent licensing trials and tribulations of St. Paul’s Carnival here in Bristol:

Local LibDem crimefighting duo Shirley Marshall and Jon Rogers (rumoured to have been the stunt doubles for Del Boy and Rodney in the Batman & Robin episode of OFAH, filmed in front of the Coroner’s Court) have assured us in the latest arse-scratching edition of ‘Ashley Focus’ that they are – deep breath – “asking questions”. Phew!

libdem questions