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Community policing, Bristol fashion

Bristol’s answer to the Keystone Kops, the ‘Avin’ It Somewhere Constantly, is in the news today after a couple of its finest managed to Taser a sixty-three year old man, Judah Adunbi, in the face outside his own home on the entirely-legit-honest-guv grounds that ‘he looked like someone on their wanted list’.

Needless to say he was arrested for assault on a police officer and detained for ten hours at Patchway nick after receiving medical attention at the BRI. Charges (“assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty and a public order offence”) were later mysteriously dropped, possibly around the time that a video of the incident filmed by a neighbour surfaced, and probably after some high-flyer in Potting Shed HQ realised that the man in question was in fact a member of one of the ASC’s own Independent Advisory Groups. These are made up of “volunteers drawn from our communities from various backgrounds [who] have an interest in policing and its effect on our communities and offer independent advice.”

Zee Feelth are having a good old crack at turning that frown upside down and presenting this as somehow a win for the force, with Bristol Area Commander Ch Supt Jon Reilly making much of ASC “voluntarily” referring the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in a manner which suggests he thinks we’re incapable of reading the IPCC’s own clear guidance on the issue. (The Commission, meanwhile, is already asking for witnesses to come forward.)

With much chutzpah Reilly even claims that “I’ve met with Mr Adunbi and we had a constructive conversation”. Clearly this protégé of (now retired) Acting Chief Constable John Long will go far!

It all reminds me of an incident a few years back when I watched a copper pepper spray some alkie walking away from him on Stokes Croft. Different weapon, same attitude – no come-back for an unnecessary coshing…until the pictures/videos turn up.

(Oh, and the comments section under the Post‘s Facebook page post on this functions as an excellent fuckwit-detector.)


“Don’t Tase me, bro!” – killer virus epidemic goes musical

Some Andrew Meyer/University of Florida Tasering tunes…

See also here, here, here, here and, erm, here

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Tased & Confused: Now in full audio glory!


Lots of people have been arriving here looking for audio of the Andrew Meyer University of Florida Taser incident: Well, ye who googles shall receive…

Direct linkies:*

* For them wot can’t figure out how to strip the audio off the page

** Audio links now fixed! **

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“Don’t Tase me, bro!”

Wired has been following the University of Florida stun gun incident with interest:

  • The term [‘Don’t Tase me, bro!’, as uttered by Andrew Meyer] hovered between 9th and 11th place as the most searched for term on Google for Wednesday, according to Google Trends.
  • The above video has been the number 1 Viral Video for the past 24 hours, according to Unruly Media, an online marketing firm in London that tracks viral video activity on the Web. The Meyer arrest video has received 2.6 million views and almost 40,000 new comments since Monday.
  • In contrast, the much-talked about MoveOn.org’s “Betrayal of Trust,” anti-Rudy Giuliani ad received just over 171 thousand views and 59 new blog posts. And John Edwards’ rebuttal to President Bush’s progress report on the Iraq war received 114 thousand views and 43 new posts.
  • Many of the leading opinion shapers on both the left and the right, as well as newspaper blogs, offered their thoughts and insights on the incident.
  • Television pundits across the dial offered their opinions, and those opinions were archived for posterity on YouTube.
  • Several enterprising individuals have even snapped up variations of the spelling of the phrase as Web addresses. One of them points to a Wikipedia entry for the University of Florida.
  • Someone has already created a mashup.
  • A couple of t-shirt designs, and bumper stickers have emerged.
  • Dozens of people have felt compelled to record their own video responses in a YouTube forum discussion on the matter.

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Stunning dissidence

This might ‘educate’ and/or ‘amuse’ our friend Chief Inspector Andy Bennett: On Monday student Andrew Meyer asked John Kerry why he conceded the 2004 election to Bush at a talk delivered by the former Democratic presidential candidate at the University of Florida. Police then tried to drag Meyer out of the hall, handcuffed him, Tasered him and told him he was being arrested for “incitement to riot”!

CNN reports that two campus cops “have been placed on leave with pay.”

The Florida Division of Law Enforcement will investigate Monday’s arrest of student Andrew Meyer, said J. Bernard Machen. Machen called the incident “regretful for us.”

“The thing that I regret is that civil dialogue and civil discourse did not happen,” Machen said. “That’s fundamental to a university campus. Why it didn’t happen is what we’re trying to sort out.”

Naturally Meyer was charged with “resisting officers with violence and for disturbing the peace,” before being released on Tuesday.

More info: Gainsville Sun

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Shocked & amused

Chief Inspector Andy Bennett, King Of BlogsLocal media darling Chief Inspector Andy ‘Gordon’ Bennett may have made a rather impolitic remark in his quest to come over all matey on his much-publicised ‘cuddly cop’ blog.

Showing characteristic tact and diplomacy whilst discussing the possibility of arming Bristol’s bobbies with potentially lethal stun guns, he mentioned the YouTube video of Manchester’s top cop getting Tasered, describing the footage as:

educational and amusing at the same time.

In itself, hardly that controversial. However, given that the Bristol Stun Gun Burglary Gang is currently running round electric shocking people with impunity, one wonders whether Bennett really thought through his remarks, or whether the victims of the gang felt ‘educated’ or ‘amused’ when confronted with a Taser.

Bennett – who now oversees the policing of South Bristol from Broadbury Road nick – used to be Sector Inspector in Ashley ward, where he made lots of friends through Operation Atrium (which included routine fully armed paramilitary patrols a few years back). Given how Atrium was the cause of District Commander Chief Superintendent Mike Roe’s own very public bollock-drop over lost bullets, one wonders whether there was something in the water back then at Trinity station which stimulates the fetishisation of weapons and promotes insensitivity.

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