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“You…. Made me miss my shot…”

Well, what with all this mad crazy summery sunshine (did you catch the perfume smog that enveloped the centre on Sunday, along with all the heat-maddened shiny shirt zombies jumping out into the roads?), I’ve having a quiet evening in with the fan on full blast (okay, if we’re being strictly honest, it’s on the first setting of three, but sheesh, get over yourself with the to-the-letter truthfulness) and a cruise through some all-time favourites. Tomorrow will be misspent drinking al fresco, methinks, so tonight is all about the chill.

Hence An American Werewolf In London. (And yes, I am aware I’ve done this before. It’s simply a fucking awesome film, though.)

AAWWIL: Lunar cycling through 28 reasons why it is the wolf’s bollocks

  1. Jenny Agutter. As a nurse. “Nurse Price shall see to all your needs” indeed! And lest we forget, “You put me in a very awkward position…”
  2. Waking up naked in London Zoo, and the exchange with the deadpan balloon kid…
  3. Brian Glover in his prime – post-Kes, pre-Tetley.
  4. The whole crossover angle with the Muppets!
  5. The way David and Jack’s backstories are only ever implied, and yet we still get a sense of who they are – like the banter at the beginning, and David’s brief conversation over the phone with his ten year old sister (okay, ten-and-a-half year old sister) to say goodbye, after he’s decided to commit suicide – of which we only hear one end.
  6. Dr Hirsch trying to order a Campari and soda at the Slaughtered Lamb (where, we may remember, they serve only beer, spirits and tea), and his subsequently rising and falling half of Guinness.
  7. The soundtrack – only five tracks, three of them different versions of the same song, but all moon-related, and all fitting perfectly into the film.
  8. See You Next Wednesday, the porno movie-within-a-movie, and the ‘Naughty Nina Carter’ News Of The World TV advert.
  9. The dude from the American Embassy trying to talk to a majorly freaked out David – “I appreciate how upset you are, but this is no reason for hysterics!” Because waking up in hospital following an attack by a werewolf which has killed your best friend and turned you into a lycanthrope really needs to be put into perspective…
  10. The Underground chase – how terrifying is that, and with no gore! “I can assure you that this is not in the least bit amusing!”
  11. The Slaughtered Lamb – a typically inviting northern hostelry. Probably a three star gastropub these days.
  12. “I think he’s a Jew…” 😮
  13. Taking the piss out of postcard punks on the Tube.
  14. Benjamin, the smiley kid in the hospital who would only say ‘no’.
  15. “The police say they were attacked by an escaped lunatic…”
  16. Elmer Bernstein’s frantic cues (sounding not a little like they were recycled from The Great Escape, which is no bad thing).
  17. “If I survived Rommel, I’m sure I could survive another excruciating evening with Roger Matheson!” You tell her, Dr Hirsch 😀
  18. Superintendent Brownlow, the louche Sun Hill commanding officer in The Bill, turning up as the constable in Trafalgar Square who won’t arrest a guilt-stricken, upset David, despite his treasonous and Tourette’s-like outbursts (“Queen Elizabeth is a man! Princes Charles is a faggot! Shit! Fuck! Cunt! Shit!”)
  19. “You ever talk to a corpse? It’s boring!”
  20. The clumsy copper who knocks over the kidney dishes and annoys his guvnor being, in essence, completely correct about everything.
  21. The wild venison buffet.
  22. The increasingly shocking nightmare scenes (as teefed for Weird Science?), with proper jump-out-your-seat moments.
  23. “But there’s only one bed…” Crikey!
  24. A dead and decomposing Jack – “a walking meatloaf” – constantly appearing and trying to convince David to kill himself before he completely turns.
  25. The exuberant (and still convincing, in small doses) make-up and effects, and especially David’s terrifying first full transformation, to the tune of Blue Moon. And the inspiration for this blog’s header logo.
  26. The cabbie – “Puts you in mind of the days of the old Demon Barber of Fleet Street, dunnit…”
  27. The Piccadilly Circus finale – total carnage!
  28. Did I mention Jenny Agutter? As a nurse?

“It’s a full moon…”
[Chorus] “Beware the moon”
“…And stick to the road… [Looks down] …Oooops…”

Striking dock workers + revolting RTS types

Watched the Jimmy McGovern film Dockers today. It’s a dramatisation of the long strike at Merseyside docks, in which dockworkers fought against intolerable conditions and the drive towards casualisation. The film was cowritten by some of the striking dockers and members of the Women of the Waterfront support organisation, and is worth a look.

Anyway, found a nice video of the big ‘March For Social Justice’/’Never Mind The Ballots’ event in London in April 1996, co-organised by the Liverpool dockers and Reclaim The Streets. Some familiar faces…