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Incoming! #002: The Secret Person

Radio 4: Made in England or Britain « The Secret Person

Somehow a post about my occasional KRS MooSick Show podcast, Albion & On, has earned an automatically generated ‘Possibly related post’ link to this wacky English-parliament-for-the-English blog (“Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget; For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet”).

TBH it looks a bit boring for my taste, but kudos for a lengthy category list – with 112 categories it’s a long way off my own 225, but that’s still good going. Especially when it includes such classics as:

  • Enviro-mentalists
  • Smut
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad!
  • Beer
  • Assymetric [sic] Devolution
  • Dalring [I guess that should be Darling, as in Alistair]

Of course, you throw in a few others and you start to wonder about the political leanings of the blog in question:

  • Anglo-Saxon
  • English Ethnicity
  • BNP
  • English Democrats
  • UKIP

Well, not quite enough wondering to make me read the blog, but still…