About The Podcasts

As you may already know (but let’s face it, you probably don’t. And you probably don’t care either. But hey, let’s make believe, eh) I’ve been knocking up the odd music podcast for a while now. But it was all getting a bit messy and untidy, so for the last couple of weeks I’ve been, *ahem* rationalising my various podcast pages: tidying up the ID3 tags, standardising the formats, tinkering with the design and making sure the tracklistings are all consistently laid out. You know, the usual sort of obsessive-compulsive behaviour one might expect from someone with too much time on their hands, a whimpering broadband connection and an Adobe-stuffed pootie.

I’ve also put together dedicated podOmatic pages for each of my shows, and started work on a couple more projects.

So, for the few of you that might be interested, here’s what the BunKRS Sessions podcast portfolio (good grief…) now looks like…

Dividing line

BunKRS Sessions

Bristle’s BunKRS Sessions pod banner

» Bootlegs, mashups, burns, comps, mixes and more

My main podcast page, where all new shows get deposited.

Show roster:

  • Axis Of Foley
  • BeyondHipHop
  • Bristle’s Bootleg Show
  • The KRS MooSick Show
  • TCRE SoundClash Challenge
  • UnderCover

Full details of all shows are below.

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Axis Of Foley

Axis Of Foley pod banner

» Music, sound & noise from, about & inspired by TV, radio & film

Long mixes incorporating soundtracks, theme tunes, sound fx, dialogue and other audio liberated from the screen

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BeyondHipHop pod banner

» Beats, bass, rhymes & vibes – from 2step to zydeco via all points between

A show about hip hop, the music which inspired it, and the music it in turn inspires – an attempt to break away from musical fundamentalism and instead look beyond the narrow constraints of a single genre.

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Bristle’s Bootleg Show

Bristle’s Bootleg Show pod banner

» Mashups, bastard pop, boots – call ’em what you like, if they’re good, I’ll play ’em

The main, mashup-orientated BunKRS Sessions show.

Show features:

  • GetYourArseBackIntoSchool (tracing the origins and looking at the pioneers of bootlegging)
  • Mashup Fight Night (bootlegs combining two or more call-and-response or beef tracks)

Bristle’s Annexe

The Annexe pod banner

» A dusty, musty repository for episodes 1-6 of Bristle’s Bootleg Show

Archive for the earliest BBS shows

Bristle’s Garden Shed

The Garden Shed pod banner

» Rusty spades, tangles of twine & episodes 7-10 of Bristle’s Bootleg Show

Archive for more recent BBS shows

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The KRS MooSick Show

The KRS MooSick Show pod banner

» Audible bovine emetus

My general music show, in essence just a hodge-podge of stuff that doesn’t really fit into the other programmes. And why not? It’s my podcast 😛

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TCRE SoundClash Challenge

TCRE SoundClash Challenge pod banner

» Four rounds. Two SoundClashers. One winner.

The first four (and so far, only) episodes of the SoundClash Challenge show, created for TheCoolestRadioEver podcast network. The premise is simple: two SoundClashers alternate four 20 minute rounds, the segments are then stitched together and the listeners decide who gets to stay on as champion to face a challenger in the next contest.

Shows feature Hiccup (The Most Literal Man In Music), Kid Hideous aka Ninjaboy (internet emperor at CoolestEverLand), Tangerinebreem (host of Fish Radio and now Density Of Sound podcasts) and Josh as well as BristleKRS.

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UnderCover pod banner

» Cover versions, reinterpretations & interpolations

A show dedicated to the playing of other people’s songs and the borrowing of their tunes

Show features:

  • 3 Of A Kind (three versions of the same track)
  • In The Beginning (original versions of songs made famous by covers)
  • It’s Had A Remix (well, um, remixes…)
  • Standard! (particularly fine or memorable takes on hoary old classics)

Dividing line

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve been up to. The latest shows I’ll blog about individually, but at least this is all in one handy place, so (a) if you are interested in it, it’s easy to find, and (b) if you aren’t interested in it, it’s easy to avoid. Can’t say fairer than that 😀

PS All the shows are free to stream, download or subscribe to. Obviously. Just sometimes the obvious needs stating.

2 responses to “About The Podcasts

  1. Any more podcasts in the offing Mister?

  2. Aloha!

    Well, pootie’s been sick of late, but she’s just returned from the vet this very day, and there’s loads of stuff I had to abandon whilst she was ill that I might just get round to doing in the not-so-distant future…

    Stay tuned for Story Time! At least two Francophone episodes of BeyondHipHop! A stack of UnderCovers and BBSs! And, eventually, hopefully, maybe, some more Axis Of Foley!

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