Mystery Pic #021

Mystery Pic #021

I’m fairly confident no one will get this – but if you think you know, or want to offer a wild guess, please place your answers in the comments below…


Well, it was a toughie… It’s from He Walked By Night, a noirish policier from 1948 which apparently inspired the radio and TV series Dragnet.

He Walked By Night title screen

7 responses to “Mystery Pic #021

  1. I’m thinking sci-fi – Plan 9 from Outer Space?

  2. Ooh – I thought people might head in that direction; good guess, but no cigar…

  3. Some kind of London-set Hammer Horror film?

  4. Fraid not – neither set in London, nor a Hammer movie, nor even a horror film…

  5. I was thinking one of the Quatermass serials?

  6. You’ve got Quatermass on the brain at the moment… Nope, sorry.

    Time for clues I guess:

    1. It’s American
    2. It’s not horror, science fiction or fantasy
    3. It was a direct influence on a subsequent popular television series

  7. It was the movie that gave Jack Webb the idea for Dragnet.

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