PC Simon Harwood, the death of Ian Tomlinson, and “harassment”

So PC Simon Harwood – the police officer not charged in connection with the death of Ian Tomlinson – has apparently got his lawyers to complain to the media that he feels he’s being hounded.

It seems they believe that there is “no legitimate purpose in approaching PC Harwood for further comment.”

I’m sure the Tomlinson family will have a lot of sympathy for him and his predicament.

12 responses to “PC Simon Harwood, the death of Ian Tomlinson, and “harassment”

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  4. I have no sympathy with Harwood. I was a teacher for 17 years and would have been sacked for far less and imprisoned for such a fatal assault.

    I also happen to be teh ex brother in law of ACC Simon Chesterman (of WMC). He reported to the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committe that G20 policing went well, excpet for a few high profile incidents- including the death of Ian Tomlinson.

    I have accused Chesterman of being associated with a con man and being a party to holding my vulnerable 21 year old son captive for financial gain.

    In the process, two police forces have been party to helping him giving me a criminal recor5d in order to keep my other son and myself away from my youngest son.

    After 18 months, they have made me unemployable. That is life in the British Police State. Two police forces refuse to tell me what I have done to get a police record and have dismissed Chesterman’s behaviour as his private life. Thjis is the calibre of offcier who passed judgement on ian Tomlinson’s death. For more about him, see my website,. http://www.buckinghamecho.com.

    My immediate response to Ian Tomlinson’s deathw as to write the song: ‘Killer Cop’. The words and music can be viewed on the internet.

  5. Maybe you are unemployable because you can’t spell!!
    Maybe at the next set of protests ou can pick up PPE (personal protection equipment) and defend people and property
    Maybe you can fill in a DAT 1 which will give you a copy of your Police record
    Maybe you can leave PC Harwood out of your family squabbles

  6. I’m not quite sure what point (if any) the above commenter is making, but it doesn’t appear to be spam, so up it goes.

  7. Gerry Ambrose

    PC Simon Harwood Lives in Carshalton, Surrey, with his wife, a GP surgery manager, and their two sons The Crown Prosecution Service has referred to him only as “PC A”. PC Simon Harwood faced two misconduct hearing in the late 1990s and in 2004. The first arose out of a road-rage incident while he was on sick leave with a shoulder injury, during which he reportedly tried to arrest the other driver, who complained that Harwood had used unnecessary force. The married 43 year-old had been due to face a misconduct hearing over the alleged road rage incident, understood to have happened in the late 1990s, but instead retired on medical grounds. A few years later, the father of two rejoined the Met as a civilian computer worker before applying to Surrey Police for a job as a police constable in May 2003.
    A spokesman for Surrey Police said: “He applied to become a Pc with us in 2003. Following our vetting procedure, liaising with the Met Police and passing a medical examination, he was accepted.” Pc Harwood spent a year and half working in Surrey before applying to be transferred back to the Met in the autumn of 2004.

  8. Pc Simon Harwood
    29 Burns Close

  9. bluebottle

    I am sure if your name and address were published all over the internet you too would complain.That is one step too far.there are children involved here mate, are you happy if they are harmed too?

  10. @bluebottle! shame pc harwood didnt think of ian tomlinsons kids when he murdered him.

  11. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I understand anger. The problem is the state uses and flatters the police and in the heat of the moment, cops kids get forgotten, as do villains kjids- many cops are villains.

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